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Digital Marketing

Online Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?







In the past, orchestrating a marketing campaign felt like an uphill battle, braving the metaphorical snow and unpredictable terrains, with results hinging more on hope than strategy. Marketing once seemed a game of chance, with billboard placements, bulk email lists, and a barrage of cold calls as the tools of the trade. The introduction of digital metrics like clicks, likes, and impressions added a layer of complexity but lacked depth.

Fast forward to now: the evolution of inbound marketing illuminates the buyer’s journey, end to end. We can trace every decision, interaction, and click in real-time, leaving no more room for guesswork about where your customers are and what resonates with them.

Intrigued? Dive deeper into our digital marketing offerings to discover the intricate mechanisms behind it.

Below our most design related services

Becca at Innventux did a great job of re-creating my website into something new and exciting. As someone who’s motto is do what I do well and have someone else do the rest, Becca has been that someone for my website! She allows me to be as involved or uninvolved as I want all while keeping communication open and easy.

Buck Davidson

CEO AT BDJ Equestrian
I was referred to Innventux from a friend and it was an excellent choice. Becca and her team are very responsive to the client and helpful with any changes that we need done. They also help get our name out on the web with SEO optimization; it’s an all in one package.

Chris Dankowsky

Agent @ Sports Rep Agency
I wish I would have thought of it first. Innventux is the most tech valuable business resource we have ever purchased.




Some pre questions and answers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Whenever you need an answer to something, more often than not you go ahead and ask Google (sorry, Jeeves).

So what happens when the answer to someone’s question or problem is something you can help with and they find you online? Chances are, they’ll be more likely to choose whatever solution you have to offer. At the very least, they are likely to remember that you helped and you’re left with a positive brand experience! But how do you get your website to show up when someone has a question?

Enter search engine optimization. But this goes way beyond making sure a few keywords show up on your webpages & content. Search engines are smarter than they used to be. Modern SEO is as much about making your site more attractive to search engines as it is about potential customers through helpful content and trustworthy link building.

Successful SEO efforts can pay out in the form of organic traffic (the kind from “naturally” showing up in the search results without paying) to your website that’s consistent and sustainable.

We tirelessly refine our SEO strategy to be current with the ever-changing search algorithms and best practices. Our comprehensive SEO services include:

Local SEO Keyword strategy & research Review management Technical SEO auditing Link building

Social Media Marketing

In 1997, the digital landscape was transformed with the launch of Six Degrees, the precursor to modern social media platforms. Fast forward to today, social media has become an intrinsic part of our daily lives. According to a 2016 Pew Research Report, a staggering 68% of Americans access Facebook daily, with other platforms also capturing significant attention.

Isn't it likely that a portion of that 68% could be potential enthusiasts for your brand?

Embracing social media isn't just about trends; it's about forging meaningful connections with your audience and tapping into their networks. Through strategic social media marketing, you can:

Amplify your brand's presence with captivating content. Foster genuine engagement by sharing noteworthy updates and events.
Network seamlessly, offering insights and support to individuals in your industry.

Paid Search & PPC

The traditional confines of advertising—print, TV, and radio—have been eclipsed by the dynamic possibilities of the digital realm. Today, a plethora of platforms beckons brands to showcase themselves and connect with potential customers. With pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you can strategically place your brand right where your audience spends time online, such as:

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
Search engines like Google and its expansive display network. Niche spaces like forums and Reddit.
While digital ads can yield impressive leads, it's crucial to optimize your campaigns for appropriate targeting and expenditure. Overspending might flood you with irrelevant traffic, while underfunding could make you lose top ad placements to competitors.

Regardless of your advertising approach, our commitment is to optimize your investment, ensuring you achieve the best lead generation for your budget.

Content Marketing

Just as a mouse trap is futile without bait, your website won't attract visitors without captivating content.

Think of content as the enticing lure for your website. This allure could be in the form of blogs, videos, checklists, calculators, or even interactive games! Richer the content, higher the likelihood of visitors flocking to your website, lingering longer, and sharing it within their circles.

So, what constitutes compelling content? We believe it should:

Resonate with a target audience or persona.
Be backed by data or customer feedback.
Offer tangible insights or solutions. Address the specific needs or objectives of the audience. Engage and entertain. Creating content that hits these markers often requires groundwork. Undertaking customer interviews, researching forums, and crafting accurate buyer personas are crucial steps towards content that truly connects and converts.

Email Marketing

In the realm of maximizing marketing returns, email marketing reigns supreme. A 2016 study by the Direct Marketing Association highlighted an astonishing 122% ROI for email marketing, dwarfing other channels. It's a strategy that effectively nurtures your existing subscriber base with valuable content, priming them into ready leads.

However, the potency of an email lies in its relevance. Delivering the appropriate message to the right recipient at the opportune moment is key. Let's collaborate to refine your email marketing endeavors with:

Strategic list segmentation. Bespoke template designs. Behavioral-driven automated emails.
Split testing for optimizing every message.

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