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Application of Storytelling


Identity Analysis




Ideation & Sketching

Your brand is a symphony of your values, offerings, promises, experiences, and culture, all orchestrated to resonate with potential customers.

It’s a misconception to see a brand as just a logo, product packaging, or an advertisement. It’s not merely about company culture or the impact you make or even the unique journey you’ve embarked upon. A brand is a harmonious blend of all these facets.

The power of branding is transformative. It convinces customers of the worth of your product or service, guiding them through the vast marketplace towards your offerings, and amplifies the accomplishments and values of your business for all to hear.

Considering a rebrand? It’s more than just a cosmetic change. A rebrand can elevate your reputation, ignite enthusiasm among your employees, and draw in a new audience. While it may seem like a monumental task, rebranding is also a chance to take stock of your journey, celebrate the milestones, and chart out a renewed path forward.

With strong roots in Pennsylvania, Texas, and Canada, our influence extends far and wide. We’ve partnered with organizations from diverse corners of the world, bolstering their online presence and brand recognition.

Branding Services

Our most branding related services

Becca at Innventux did a great job of re-creating my website into something new and exciting. As someone who’s motto is do what I do well and have someone else do the rest, Becca has been that someone for my website! She allows me to be as involved or uninvolved as I want all while keeping communication open and easy.

Buck Davidson

CEO @ BDJ Equestrian
I was referred to Innventux from a friend and it was an excellent choice. Becca and her team are very responsive to the client and helpful with any changes that we need done. They also help get our name out on the web with SEO optimization; it’s an all in one package.

Chris Dankowsky

CEO @ A Sports
I wish I would have thought of it first. Innventux is the most tech valuable business resource we have ever purchased.




About the Process

Strategy & Discovery

At Innventux, we understand that your brand is an intricate tapestry, woven from your values, offerings, promises, experiences, and culture, designed to resonate deeply with potential customers.

Branding isn't just about a logo, product packaging, or catchy advertisements. Nor is it solely about your company's culture, the positive impacts you make, or your unique journey. In reality, a brand is a carefully curated blend of all these elements, and more.

Innventux recognizes the transformative essence of branding. We work to ensure your brand not only convinces customers of your product or service's worth but also navigates them through the bustling marketplace, highlighting your offerings and amplifying the values and triumphs of your enterprise.

Pondering a rebrand? With Innventux, it's a journey of rejuvenation, not just surface-level alterations. Together, we'll elevate your brand's reputation, rekindle passion within your team, and captivate a broader audience. While rebranding might seem daunting, it's a golden opportunity to reflect, celebrate past successes, and strategize for a brighter, bolder future.

With established connections in Pennsylvania, Texas, and Canada, Innventux's reach is truly global. We've had the privilege to collaborate with diverse organizations across continents, enhancing their digital footprint and brand prominence.

Ideation & Sketch

At Innventux, our creative process is deeply rooted in collaboration and exploration. From insights gathered during our discovery phase, we begin the transformative journey of bringing those themes to life. Our diverse team congregates, merging their expertise to craft a visual narrative that echoes your brand's essence. Your involvement is paramount—every step is a shared endeavor, ensuring that the evolving designs for your bespoke logo and branding truly represent you. Here's a glimpse into our methodology:

Engage in vibrant sketch sessions, channeling the collective creativity of the entire Innventux ensemble. Conceive and refine taglines that encapsulate your brand's message. Curate a suite of typefaces that narrate your brand story with eloquence.

Design distinctive color palettes that evoke the right emotions and associations.

Seamlessly weave in the insights from our consultations, focusing intently on crafting a brand identity that distinguishes you in the marketplace.

Information Architecture and UI/UX Design

This phase is genuinely exhilarating for us at Innventux; it's where our brainstormed ideas transition from abstract thoughts into tangible realities. Drawing from the rich insights of our discovery phase, we lay the groundwork for your website, ensuring it's not only aesthetically pleasing but also effectively narrates your brand's journey. The Innventux team meticulously focuses on both structure and user experience. Here's what we bring to the table:

Navigation and User Flows: Through comprehensive sitemaps, we sketch out the website's backbone, ensuring logical content organization and an intuitive user journey.
Device-Specific Layouts: Recognizing the distinct needs of users across devices, we craft custom page layouts tailored for desktop, mobile, and tablet views, ensuring each user finds value and functionality.
Style Exploration: With our style tiles, we delve into visual aesthetics, determining the most fitting typefaces, button styles, and other design elements. This intricate process ensures your brand's online persona resonates with its core values.
Tailored Designs: Our commitment to excellence is evident as we piece together polished, custom designs, whether for specific modules or for full-fledged responsive layouts, optimizing every mobile interaction.

Brand Digitization

Prepare for the thrill. As we usher your brand (poised to make waves in its domain) into the digital landscape, here's a sneak peek into our meticulous process at Innventux:

Craft logos with meticulous attention to every pixel.
Refine and consolidate our earlier explorations of typography and color palettes.
Unveil final logo iterations, ready for their grand introduction.
Format and finalize design collateral, along with a proof of concept. (Don’t forget to opt for this feature to further amplify your brand's fresh identity.)

Brand Delivery

Anticipation builds as we edge closer to the grand reveal!

Ready, secure, and optimize the production server for peak performance, fortified with SSL encryption.

Pre-launch, we rigorously test the site's speed and code integrity, streamlining requests, auto-compressing images, and ensuring a seamless user experience.

Seamlessly transition your site from the staging environment to the live production server, marking the official debut of your digital presence.

Equip your team with comprehensive training on website management and updates. We can also record these sessions, ensuring a handy resource for future reference or for training new team members.

Commence celebrations, perhaps not with actual fireworks, but with an equal burst of enthusiasm and pride in our shared achievement.

At Innventux, we simplify the intricate facets of branding, offering a structured roadmap for clarity. Our primary aim? To make the journey effortless for you. Clear communication throughout the branding process ensures that your insights, integral to shaping a brand true to its essence, are always in focus.


At the heart of every website and application we craft is the essence of exceptional UI and UX design. But what exactly is UI/UX? UI, or User Interface, is the visual allure you experience. It embodies the colors, typography, and graphics of a site. It's that perfectly designed button that beckons your click. On the other hand, UX, which stands for User Experience, dives into the user's interaction journey. It's about intuitively guiding users, ensuring they effortlessly find what they seek. It's the strategic placement of that button and its interactivity.

For Innventux, the user is always the core focus. Our UI/UX design process delves deeply into understanding the users and aligning with the desired objectives. Whether it's fostering purchases or crafting an immersive experience to boost referrals, our design aims to transcend beyond a single device, potentially integrating with the broader environment. Rigorous testing and gathering real-time feedback play a critical role, ensuring we continuously refine the user experience.

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